character warnings

religion (christianity), self-harm, suicide

blake (1988) he/him

a paranoid and suicidal religious man. tends to not leave his home often
full name blake heathcliff
pronounciation blay-k
etymology pale (old english)
nickname none
age 26
birthdate 1988/12/25
gender male
pronouns he/him
orientation aromantic
sexuality aegosexual

alignment chaotic neutral
enneagram 5w4
big 5 RLUEI
sin wrath
west zodiac capricorn
inst. variant sp/sx/so
temperament melancholic
virtue patience
east zodiac snake

positive traits:

neutral traits:

negative traits:

hypoempathetic, reserved, asocial


drink: dr. pepper
scent: cigarettes
texture: leather
color: grey
number: 4
season: summer
weather: fog, cloudy
time of day: golden hour
place: his home
music genre: (ambient) techno
movie genre:
book genre:
game: roblox


music, coding, technology, engineering, photography, exploration, collecting, crosses/crucifixes


daytime, the future, corporate minimalism, loss of control
current residence wisconsin, US
living status alone
current occupation
birthplace north carolina, US
relationship status single
education level grade 12

environment: grew up in the carolina countryside surrounded by fields, any cities being at least an hour away. living in the bible belt, he was raised with a lot of christian ideologies

childhood: raised in a heavily religious home


adulthood: blake moves out of his parents home into a trailer home in wisconsin shortly after he turns 18. he kills himself in 2014 upon coming to the realization that the world will only continue to get worse and worse and he will only be stripped of the things he loves as time goes on

diet: scarcely eats, although not disordered. simply forgets/has no apetite

exercise: does not exercise

sleep: poor sleep schedule (early morning-late afternoon); rarely dreams, which typicaly end up being nightmares

hygiene: tolerable hygiene, could shower/brush teeth more often

addiction: has a self-harm addiction

allergy: is not allergic to anything

intolerance: has no intolerances

scars: majority of scars are on his right arm bilaterally. has patches of scars on both thighs. small amount of scars on right arm and abdomen

physical disabilities: affected by mild EDS, struggles to walk long distances as a result of such

aids: does not use any aids





triggers: mentions of christianity


pet peeves:

mental health: diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia, narcissistic personality disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder and autism. he has extreme trust issues and he is agoraphobic

spoken language/s: english, some swedish
accent: semi-southern american

body movement: very little gestures
expression: typically dead stare
emotional state:



glassblowing, woodworking


diary entry from perspective of character
brief text about character from perspective of said character
species dog
ethnicity swedish
race white
body type skinny
blood type B
sex male
height 5'7"
weight 140lbs
hair color brown
eye color blue hazel
fur color beige, light brown
body shape rectangle
blood rhesus positive
handedness left
eyesight near-sighted
voice claim joseph delage III

design notes


things at home


color: blue

tv tropes

driven to suicide: decides to commit suicide due to his sight of the future despite being taught that suicide is shameful by his family

go mad from the revelation: his realization of the future is the final decider of his suicide

rex | friends
met rex at a game and video rental store. was fairly reluctant to get close to him, but ultimately opened up to him more than anyone else he had met, although he still kept distance

name | [relationship]
text about how character feels about other character

attitude towards...

strangers: typically avoidant of



family: forces himself to like them out of religious guilt but truthfully he is afraid of them whilst hating them for how he was raised


designer myself
obtained via designing
original worth $30
accumulated worth $40+




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