music is Very very special to me. i hold it very close and it is one of my biggest interests of all time
my favorite genres are industrial, techno, post-punk, and nu-metal. i also like goa, aggrotech, dungeon synth, alt metal, black metal, and DSBM
below are artists or bands i like seperated by genre. marked bands are ones i particularly like

industrial 32crash, acumen nation, babyland, bigod 20, bile, blok 57, chemlab, christ analogue, coil, controlled bleeding, cubanate, cyanotic, DAF, the damage manual, dead world, death grips, die krupps, die warzau, the electric hellfire club, FGFC820, front 242, god lives underwater, iron lung corp., hate dept., KMFDM, leæther strip, laibach, machines of loving grace, ministry, my life with the thrill kill kult, nine inch nails, nitzer ebb, ohgr, orgy, out out, penal colony, pigface, pitchshifter, portion control, PWEI, rammstein, razed in black, skinny puppy, skrew, slab!, snog, spahn ranch, spetsnaz, swans, unit:187, unter null, velvet acid christ

early industrial hunting lodge, throbbing gristle, test dept.

digital hardcore alec empire, all out assault, asure, atari teenage riot, CPUWAR, ec8or, ENSC, lolita storm, KFC murder chicks, knifehandchop, patric catani, shizuo, sonic dragolgo, toxic lipstick

techno 4hero, the chemical brothers, glowstyx, LFO, moby, orbital, the prodigy

post punk bauhaus, depeche mode, information society, new order, public image ltd., the smiths, tears for fears

nu-metal korn, linkin park

DSBM dyster, forgotten tomb, këkht aräkh lifelover, make a change... kill yourself, psychonaut 4, sår

i especially love finding various industrial bands, hence why its far more full than other genres
you can find a comprehensive look of everything i listen to on my i also have a rateyourmusic for my full album listens


favorite albums by band

2023/09/03 weezer +opener
2023/05/16 KMFDM +opener
jacket, CD, shirt
2022/08/24 korn +opener
2 shirts
acumen nation

transmissions from eville

you suck crap

east side militia
christ analogue

the texture ov despise
forgotten tomb

love's burial ground

life is peachy



the land of rape and honey
nine inch nails

the fragile

the altogether

notes from thee underground