name/s: simon, machine
pronouns: it/its
status: taken x2

my name is simon, sometimes i use other names. i am a queer, alterhuman, and disabled digital artist based in the US, specifically california. if youre interested in more about me and what ive been up to i have a journal, blog, and thrift log
my typology stuff is: chaotic neutral, melancholic, ISTP
i have poor communication skills but i'm open to making friends, i don't bite
feel free to friend me on discord but i can be a little paranoid

my PC: AMD ryzen 5 3600, geforce GTX 1660 super, 16gb corsair vegeance DDR4 RAM, NZXT H510
my special interests are music, my sources, valve games, fnaf, pokemon, and roblox
my current hyperfixation is ???
my music interests are listed on another page because of how special it is to me. click here

games: afraid of monsters, cry of fear, diablo, destiny, doom, FNAF, half-life, (modded) minecraft, postal, portal, quake, roblox, sonic, terraria, world of warcraft

shows: beavis and butthead, breaking bad, metalocalypse, mythbusters

webseries: endzone/law of talos, HLVRAI/HLAGE, marble hornets

content creators: chad chad, drew gooden, evan & katelyn, jarvis johnson, jerma985, north of the border, vinesauce, wayneradiotv

other: archival, coding, collecting, brutalist architecture, drawing, electronics, firearms, kitties, photography, psychonautics, marine biology, mechanical keyboards, rave culture, renovation, retro consoles, robotics, speedrunning, trailer homes, old web, urbex, worldbuilding


drink: dr pepper, cola
scent: nag champa
color: rust (orange)
season: winter
weather: partly cloudy
time of day: golden hour
animal: kitty

number: 333, 828, 1111

favorite words

one day i'll draw a meet the artist thingy to go here
but today is not that day
What Flavour Are You? I taste like Peanut Butter.I taste like Peanut Butter.

I am one of the most blendable flavours; I go with sweet, I go with sour, I go with bland, I go with anything. I am practical and good company, but have something of a tendency to hang around when I'm not wanted, unaware that my presence is not welcome.
What Flavour Are You?

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